Mental Health Concerns

8.3 million adults with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder mental illness (3.3% of the population)+ 5.5 million – approximate number with severe bipolar disorder (2.2% of the population), 51% untreated+ 2.8 million – approximate number with schizophrenia (1.1% of the population), 40% untreated+3.9 million – approximate number untreated in any given year (1.6% of the population)+

Consequences of Non-treatment*

169,000 homeless people with serious mental illness**383,000 inmates with mental illness in jails and prisons50% – estimated percentage of individuals with schizophrenia or bipolar who attempt suicide during their lifetimes44,193 suicide deaths in 201510% – estimated percentage of homicides involving an offender with serious mental illness (approximately 1,425 per year at 2014 homicide rates)29% – estimated percentage of family homicides associated with serious mental illness50% – estimated percentage of mass killings associated with serious mental illness

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